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Demand for flexi loans is rising. Who will pay off?

The popularity of so-called flexi loans is rising steeply. More and more clients are re-evaluating their existing financial commitments and arranging flexible credit loans offering maximum repayment freedom as well as determining the amount drawn. They operate on the basis of a financial reserve that adapts to current financial needs and differs from standard short-term loans in several ways. Is it worthwhile for you?

Flexi loans respond to the variability of financial needs in every person’s life, regardless of the amount of regular earnings. They allow you to have money quickly and simply when you need it most. You do not pay any fees when you do not use the financial reserve and cover your own resources, even if you keep your account active in case of unexpected expenses. The principle is similar to an overdraft or revolving loan.

Missing money to pay or unexpected expenses

Missing money to pay or unexpected expenses

“It happens sometimes that I don’t go out with money for another payout. Expenses beyond the regular family budget come irregularly during the year, most often in connection with the purchase of school equipment, payment of rings and school stays for my two children, ”says the mother of two sons and a long-term client of Zaloan Bank Martina from Prague. “And then there are unexpected one-off expenses, which unfortunately cannot be predicted. These include drug spending and medical care. Both sons are very active and engage in many sports activities. Their fervor for sports is also due to more frequent injuries and various health limitations, which are commonplace with us, ”Martin says with a smile. “In such situations, I can rely fully on Zaloan Credit – I always have the money available for re-use within a few minutes. I get to them quickly and easily in an online account, from the comfort of home and without the need for a lengthy approval process, as in other banks. Moreover, I only pay for this service if I actually use it. “

When does Zaloan Credit pay off and to whom?

When does Zaloan Credit pay off and to whom?

Zaloan Credit Flexi Loan up to CZK 35,000 will be paid to every private and business individual who needs a financial reserve. Unlike short-term loans, it offers complete freedom – you decide when and how much repayment you will return money. The only condition is a minimum monthly payment of 12.5% ​​of the total amount owed. You always pay only daily interest and a fee for withdrawal, which is zero when you first use the product. In the case of a classic micro loan, when you make a deal, you agree to be due on a certain date. Also, the amount of the installments is agreed in advance and does not allow for flexible response to the emerging financial needs. Many clients find it difficult to estimate their ability to pay in the coming months, because different situations are coming into life that need to be addressed immediately and adapted to their redistribution. The ability to repay at any time and just as much as you are able to return now is an indisputable advantage.

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